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When it comes to choosing an audio visual supplier for a key annual or quarterly event sometimes this can be an extremely stressful task for an Event’s Manager or General Hotel Manager whom has the pressure of keeping everyone happy such as, senior management and guests.  One hitch, such as a microphone not working properly or poor sound quality can really let your event down, coupled with your reputation in terms of how this will look to your audience.  It is vital nowadays that utilizing not only the latest technologies but getting the “basics” mastered is something which should be at the forefront of any audio visual solution provider.

Reputation is everything 

Figures recently taken from The British Hospitality Association showed that over 4.6 million in the UK work in the hotel, tourism and events industry which accounts for 1/7th of the entire UK workforce.  In addition to this, statistics taken from Eventbrite, has valued the corporate hospitality and events industry in the UK worth a stonking £1.2 billion, with an average of 258 people attending a corporate conference or event.





What to look for when choosing an AV company for your Hotel event


Price and reliability is always going to be a top priority when seeking an audio visual supplier. If you really want your event to do justice though, creativity needs to be part of the offering too. It’s a factor that’s usually underestimated, but it’s this creative spark that allows an audio visual company to truly craft a memorable experience. Features like projection mappers, which allows multimedia content to be projected onto flat surfaces or objects (3D surfaces), have the ability to transform a good event to a mind blowing one.

Innovations like digital cinema installations are another highly regarded creative feature. They work by producing unique and unparalleled picture and sound experiences to really create that ‘wow’ factor. Both of these technologies are common with audio visual suppliers, but it’s the creative talent behind using them successfully which can have a positive impact on your event.

Quality of Sound

The quality of sound and visuals will directly relate to the equipment you’re using – so make sure it’s first class! It’s imperative the event sound system is tested and quality assessed before hiring from the audio visual supplier. Ask for a maintenance log to gauge how well the equipment has been looked after. Check whether it’s capable of producing the effects you need too. This is especially important if you require cinematic-level sound effects and high-energy music.

Achieving More than Numbers

The audio visual equipment you hire has the potential to deliver results well beyond the event itself – so it pays to invest wisely. Customers and attendees will share their experience of the event through their own personal networks so it’s important to create an experience that’s positively unforgettable, whilst still staying true to your message and vision.

The sound and visual system you hire should be effective in matching the content. You want your audience to have the full impact of musical material with crystal-clear speech. Can the system you’re working with replicate the full range of sound at peak quality? Are the speakers decent enough to run the full length of the event without straining themselves? Can the performers all hear themselves? Great foldback, at least two subwoofers and quality microphones are all vital to sound quality. Don’t forget too; the balance between clarity, acoustic performance and a visually acceptable solution is a delicate compromise – one which should only be looked after by a skilled and experienced technician.

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