AV for Education

From a simple Projector to sophisticated Wireless Room Integration, our technical expertise will help you choose the right equipment for your budget and your needs.

Since inception, Mustard Presentations have partnered with the educational sector by providing innovative ranges of audio visual installations from simple projector, touch screen and PA systems, to sophisticated wireless room integration and collaborative solutions for AV for Education.

Our Enhanced DBS checked technicians always use the best technology from the world’s leading manufacturers, which when specified helps provide confidence in both the reliability and performance of the recommended solution.

By clever use of today’s technology, we can transform your teaching spaces into a modern, operationally effective, multi-purpose and impressive environment for pupils, teachers and guest visitors alike – supporting innovative teaching and meeting the technological expectations of today.

Limitless possibilities...

  • Classroom Projection
  • Wireless Intergrations
  • Replacement Lamps
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • PA Systems
  • Digital Signage
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Manual Screens
  • Remote Screens
  • Classroom Audio
  • Video Walls
  • Touch Screen Displays

Educational AV Solutions

AV for Education has become a reliable and technical substitution for many of the old methods of teaching. It seems the chalkboard days are over and teachers are finding audio visual techniques far more successful in providing children with easier ways of learning. Research and studies have proved that when using AV equipment, students engage more in the classroom and find they retain information more easily, through seeing images, colours and hearing sounds.

Interactive touch screens and whiteboards enable teachers to involve students much more, keeping their attention in the classroom and encouraging them to co-operate. Lessons have become much more practical as children participate in using technical equipment, discovering different ways to learn skills and collaborate with teachers and peers. The wide use of PA systems is benefitting schools, providing projected sound in school productions, musical performances and large classroom lectures. Monitors and projectors are also giving classes a larger and clearer view, instead of students struggling to see small computer screens or displays.

AV for Education solutions are improving and advancing education, creating new teaching methods and assisting children in all levels of studying. Audio visual equipment is also benefiting students with special educational needs thus, providing a broader way of learning enabling more information to be retained through vision and sound. Education has dramatically changed over the last decade as the techniques to teaching have become more successful using audio visual equipment.

AV Educational Support

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