How Audio Visual Assists Education

Visual audio equipment has replaced many old teaching methods in education as it has become a proved and successful means for student learning, and this is how Audio Visual assists education in todays classroooms. LCD display screens and projector screens provide colourful moving imagery to enhance teaching, giving students a more interesting and interactive presentation.

How Audio Visual Assists Education
Studies show that most learners in a normal class need to visually see information to remember it. Visual learning encourages students to process what they are seeing and filter it in their brains, as they understand that ideas are linked and can be organised and associated. Visual learning has expanded the methods of learning at schools, giving students easier methods so that whatever topic they are studying, can be fully explained visually. New concepts also become simpler to understand, especially if they can be connected to a previous subject.

AV Encourages Interaction in Class
Projector screens or LCD display screens linked up to a laptop can not only show students important educational videos, but also display diagrams, graphs, charts and any other digital information. This encourages an interactive response and discussions in class, which is far from the days of dusty chalkboards, textbooks and pencils. Consequently, studies say that students claim that when educational information is presented in a visual and verbal way, it is much easier to remember. Research in cognitive psychology and educational theory seems to prove that audio visual learning is increasingly the best and most successful method of teaching any age of student, also encouraging them to make links, clarify their thoughts and interact in the classroom.

How Audio Visual Assists Education

Academic Improvement
Audio visual methods of teaching seems to have excelled education, ensuring that strategies such as graphic organisers, outlines and diagrams are more clearly explained from visual representation. This technique has not only given students more confidence in the classroom but has achieved more academic success. While they are learning, student’s brains are required to interpret information and evaluate it using a range of sources, naturally incorporating any new knowledge with data they have already learned. The brain also reacts well to images and has a capacity to better understand information through imagery, making it easier to retain information.

Modern Day Methods
Students have grown up with TV’s, computers and video games, so audio visual equipment has naturally had a major presence in their lives even before school. Using audio visual equipment in education and schools seems an obvious development, giving teachers the modern-day methods through the eyes of their pupils, to make education more interactive, exciting and enjoyable for the students. Academic results are on the increase nationwide and it’s without doubt that audio visual teaching has had a positive influence on averages. It has also improved education for students with learning difficulties, helping them to understand subjects more by visual presentation, rather than complicated textbooks.

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