Projector Lamps

So you think a projector lamp is comparable to a standard 60-watt light bulb – think again. These lamps can be very complicated things, ranging from £100 for low lumen projectors, to over £500 for high lumen models. All the more reason to ensure both your projector and lamp are regularly maintained

Projector lamps are highly sophisticated instruments producing amazing brightness.
In addition, the assembly process is complicated.

Consider purchasing a spare projector bulb when you buy a projector. That way, you will have a backup in case of emergencies, and you can probably get a good discount on the lamp by purchasing at the same time as the projector.


Projector bulb or projector lamp?
When it comes to projector bulbs or lamps there is a difference. A projector bulb is just that, the bare bulb. If you decide to purchase a projector bulb only, you will need to fit the bulb into the housing of the one you are replacing.

A risky thing and is definitely not as easy as replacing your common house lightbulb for this reason alone here at Mustard we do not supply projector bulb replacements.

A projector lamp is a complete replacement and is made up of the projector bulb and the housing in one unit. Which requires unfixing the projector lamp, removing it and then replacing with the new lamp.

Followed by a lamp reset.


How can I tell how many hours a lamp has been used for?
Almost all projectors have a built-in lamp hour counter that starts at zero when new, and should be reset once you change the projector lamp. You should be able to find the total projector lamp hours used within the menu system of your projector. Consult your user’ manual for instructions on how to check projector lamp hours on your model of projector or call Mustard (0333 358 3402 – option 5)

What can I do to help my projector lamp last longer?
Do not allow the projector to become overheated. The number one cause of lamp failure is excessive heat. Follow the instructions in the user manual for powering down the projector to ensure it has had an adequate cool-down period.
Operate your projector in a clean, relatively dust-free environment, avoiding unnecessary switching on and off. Once fitted, clean projector air filters regularly.
If light conditions allow, where possible utilise the projectors “economy mode” which will reduce light output but increase lamp life

The projector image seems dimmer than usual – what does this mean?
It may be time to replace your projector lamp. The brightness of metal halide lamps decreases during lamp life. With metal halide (high pressure mercury) lamps, you’ll notice a dimming of the image brightness as the lamp loses power. Most if not all projectors allow you to check the number of hours your lamp has been used through the built-in menu system. Check your user guide for information about this feature.


What warranty do lamps have?
Projector lamp warranties can vary between manufacturers so consult your projector manufacturer’s warranty information. The typical lamp warranty is 1 year for the lamp that comes supplied with the projector and usually 30 days (manufacturer dependent) from receipt when purchased separately.

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