AV Solutions for a Remote Working Environment

This year has seen the majority of organisations having to adapt their operations to cater to more flexible and remote working solutions. With over 20 years experience in the AV industry, Mustard has been working hard this year to bring technical solutions to a variety of sectors, enabling them to retain continuity in their teams even whilst they’re working from home.

Solutions We Offer to Enable a More Efficient Remote Workforce

Video Conferencing Facilities

Whether you’re looking for teams to collaborate via video cloud software such as Microsoft teams or Zoom or you are looking to remotely present and consult with customers, we offer a range of video conferencing facilities to support both one-to-one, group meetings and also larger virtual conferences. We specialise in designing video conferencing solutions which offer reliable communication between users, is straightforward to use and is scalable for different situations.

Unified Communications & Wireless Technologies

Now more than ever providing technology which can integrate all aspects of communication, not just presenting and conferencing is important. Our unified communication systems make it easier for your workforce to utilise their own device in tandem with your in-office facilities; be it through presenting on conference room screens or using the speakers in a meeting room. This approach means meetings and virtual catch-ups can run more smoothly and efficiently without the hassle of transferring documents between devices and issues with audio.

The Benefits of Integrating Quality Audio Visual Solutions into your Workplace:

Studies show that working from home has had a positive effect on the workforce with people working more efficiently, multitasking, and benefiting from a more positive work-life balance.
By integrating AV technology into your work environment and that of your teams you can facilitate this transition with even more positive effects with AV offering benefits such as:

  • Better collaboration between teams
  • Supporting agile working
  • Facilitating flexibility in the workspace through wireless technology
  • Allowing your remote workers to better stay focused on their tasks with noise-cancelling solutions

A Long-term Solution

As the year continues on we are more and more seeing businesses invest in the technology that will enable them long term to continue operating with a remote workforce to varying levels. Where previously the shift to home-working relied heavily upon laptop capabilities, businesses are instead investing in larger screens, audio solutions and better lighting to enable a more efficient and better quality communication between teams who are separated as well as with their customers.

If you are looking to improve your businesses AV facilities to enable better collaboration for your workers get in touch with our team.

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