AV equipment such as audio systems and projectors have been common methods of teaching throughout many lecture halls for years. However, it seems that the role of audio visual technology in higher educational institutes is shifting and transforming. AV hire for education is increasingly important as educational institutions find audio visual technology enhances methods of learning, enabling students to explore subjects through various approaches.

A recent survey carried out by the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative involved representatives of the higher education community who brought to attention key concerns in post-secondary teaching and learning including learning space designs, online learning and the next-generation learning environments. For audio visual technology, this means that teachers or lecturers in higher education will be researching new services and products to support them in their teaching methods and the students in their learning. This includes using active and mobile learning.

Collective Learning
Education and teaching methods have become much more collaborative involving group activities inspiring classroom interaction. Audio visual equipment is replacing some of the old methods of teaching, encouraging students to work together and interact with classroom technology. The higher education technology magazine Campus Technology recently remarked on current trends in audio visual technology in higher education, stating that collaboration is propelling AV upgrades. AV technology is now supporting students to work together whether it’s virtually or in the lecture hall. Therefore, lecturers or instructors are needing teaching resources such as interactive whiteboards, conferencing systems and wireless equipment. Using technology such as wireless enables the lecturer to move around the classroom to encourage an active learning setting. While students are collaborating, the lecturer can be free to change presentations on the smart whiteboard or manage screen mirroring to display information on a desktop via a tablet. If multiple presentations are going on simultaneously in the room, then lecturers will need to consider their audio system needs to manage students working on different projects using various resources.

AV hire for education

Video and Live Streaming
Stephen Downes from the National Research Council called 2016 “The Year of Video” as capturing lectures and live streaming campus events has gained attention for hosting services and campus video management. Learning models including instruction by both face to face and technology based, means that the blended and flipped way of learning has contributed towards using video in higher education. In a flipped lecture, students research videos and various content outside of class and active or group interaction learning takes place in class. The NMC Horizon Report in 2017 states that blended and collaborative learning trends are encouraging the use of education technology, likely to excel over the next few years. Students are given content in online formats but they will also require comprehensible AV tools too. As the focus on video capture increases to improve the reach of lectures outside the classroom, microphones and recording equipment will be fundamental to post-secondary educational technology.

Audio visual suppliers and providers should consider a few important elements in addition to the usual AV technology, when selling to the higher education market. Equipment such as microphones and headsets are vital to enable voice recording and improve technically innovative lectures.

Why is AV Technology Vital for Education?
The shift from older teaching methods to collaborative and online kinds of learning is considered vital in post-secondary institutions. Audio visual providers should be responsive to what they offer towards educational needs. It’s important to note that instruction is no longer limited to the classroom as more professor’s present not only to the class but also online. AV solutions that offer presenting in real-time with sound recording will be especially attractive. Collaborative and blended learning encourages students to share knowledge, often done using digital resources. Members and professors in higher education will need AV solutions that enable easy sharing of content so that students can work together on projects. Be mindful that any new purchase or hiring of technology may require training and implementation with the members of the educational institution, so it’s important to make sure your technical team are trained and 100% knowledgeable about your equipment.

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