Any AV company should be able to explain every single item on your event quote in layman’s terms. If they cannot give a full run down of each piece of equipment, then this may be a sign they are trying to take advantage of you therefore, you should consider it a red flag.  Reputation is everything these days and when hosting and presenting you want to ensure that you are hiring the correct projector for your event to ensure smooth running.  Your audio visual team should be there, for you for advice, providing helpful information and empowering you in your decisions so that you can have the best event possible! A good AV team is one that wants to help you stand out from the crowd.

Projection Positioning

Rear Projection – A rear projector sits behind the screen and requires a different type of projection surface. The projector is on the ground supported, which will help with the budget as there are no rigging costs. However, make sure you have enough distance for the rear projection before choosing it.

Front Projection – Front projectors are placed in front of the audience. Be mindful that it will take up floor space and someone can walk in front of it. You can rig the projector to avoid those issues but it will be an additional cost. Front projection usually looks the best as well but by a minor amount, which is not noticeable to the untrained eye.

Resolution and Brightness

The Brightness of a Projector – When deciding on a projector, brightness is one of the biggest key factors you need to consider. Brightness for projectors is measured in lumens. You may have heard of these before, as it is also the standard measuring unit for the brightness of flashlights. However, there are other technical considerations, such as contrast. The basic understanding is that the more lumens, the more expensive a projector can be. If you’re concerned about your budget, then consider ways to enable you to use a less bright projector. For example, you may turn off the lights off during a presentation to use a lower brightness projector if possible to save on your budget.


correct projector for your event

High Definition vs Standard Definition

We have all heard of HD and standard definition, but what does it really mean? How does it apply to AV terms? HD or high definition refers to 1080p resolution or more. 480p and lower is generally referred to as standard definition or SD.

While everyone wants the best picture possible, it is important to know a few more differences between HD and SD.


For many of us, 480p and 1080p etc. are just numbers. You can safely assume the higher number the better but do not understand much past that. The “p” in all these stands for progressive and is the preferred format over “i” which stands for interlaced. Not many projectors use the “i” format so I would suggest you don’t worry too much about it.

Aspect Ratio

HD video is 16:9 and SD is 4:3. If you are not aware there is an aspect ratio difference it can be easy to be mixed up. Make sure your presentations are sized for the screens aspect ratio to avoid any poor image quality or slides not fitting correctly on the screens. Let all presenters know which format their presentations need to be in, ahead of time.


You should feel a little bit more confident in your AV term knowledge by now. At Mustard Presentations, we know AV can be overwhelming. We do everything we can to help you understand your AV quote by providing written proposal along with a breakdown of equipment. Our experienced and knowledgeable Project Managers will talk you through the quote line by line, explaining AV terms, as needed. It is crucial to have your AV company explain everything, so you fully understand your AV quote. When you understand what is being provided, you are armed with the knowledge to make the best decisions on AV for your event. If you have any questions about projector hire, then contact our team today.

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