Wireless Collaboration

Over the past few years, wireless collaboration in meeting and workplaces has evolved beyond recognition. This shift in learning and meeting environments is being reflected in the many new technologies now available. Mustard can supply the advice and technology to reinvent your meeting experience, enhance your training rooms and change the way you give presentations. Enhancing your meetings at the click of a button will ensure that the focus is on the presentation itself and not your audio visual system. Why not declutter your boardroom using the latest in wireless collaboration, with a versatile and cost effective wireless presentation tool?

Wireless presentation tools provide a network/ internet free solution for an engaging, interactive and collaborative presentation. They are extremely flexible and user friendly, it really is as simple as plug and play. With the addition of just a flat screen TV any room can be transformed into an effective meeting room. Untidy cables, resolution adjustments and configuration problems can now become a thing of the past.

Suitable for education and training environments and any size meeting room, conference room, classroom, training room or huddle space, you can connect wirelessly with your own device, and connect with your audience. The compact and lightweight presenter tool gives you full control of your presentation and allows you to switch between screens with just a push of a button.

Wireless Collaboration

Wireless presentation tools are flexible and compact and offer an all in-one meeting solution to enhance communication and collaboration. Connecting professionals in a secure environment to facilitate all meeting participants to share content from any HDMI device onto a central screen and switch between presenters with the bush of a button.

They are compatible with all HDMI devices including PCs , laptops, tablets, smartphones and cameras and operating system independent and can be used with Windows, Mac or android alike.

In our hyper -connected world, meetings are increasingly taking place on a global level becoming global hubs for interaction and connectivity. Powerful collaboration tools allow remote and local users to interact, brainstorm and present effortlessly and collaborate wirelessly anywhere. Connect with colleagues in different locations and increase efficiency without the expense and time of travel.

Technical expertise isn’t required. They are user-friendly, straightforward and intuitive, easy to use and easy to manage. Interactive meeting and sharing of ideas has never been easier, whether for an online sales demo, setting up a meeting with colleagues in another location or hosting a web conference. Share high quality images, files, presentations or videos on a large screen in full HD.

Keep your company current with technology, saving you and your team precious time. With no shortage of options available, our friendly, experienced team are well equipped to discuss the features and suggest the best solution for your needs.

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